Healing Harmony   

      Reiki and Sound Therapy       

Vibrational therapies to promote relaxation, balance, and harmony 



A gentle, non-manipulative, hands-on therapy, Reiki can be used both as a deep relaxation treatment and as a complementary healing modality. 

Reiki flows through a series of hand positions placed on or above the body, while the recipient remains fully clothed. A full Reiki treatment takes about an hour, during which the recipient may feel heat, cold, pulsation or vibration from the practitioner's hands. Clients have reported a feeling of well-being, reduced pain and physical discomfort, deep relaxation, emotional breakthroughs, reduced stress or anxiety.

Reiki is gentle, safe, and beneficial to people of any age and any condition, including babies in utero, pre- and post-operative patients, and the elderly. Animals also benefit from Reiki therapy!

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy uses sound as a tool to balance the body, calm and balance the mind and emotions, and promote relaxation. Sessions are customized to the individual based on medical history and any current health issues.

Stimulating or relaxing sounds can be used in Sound Therapy, as appropriate, according to each client's needs. Only the softest and most gentle sounds should be used for pregnant women and infants to protect tiny ears.

Sound is vibration, and helps to balance and harmonize vibration in the human body system. While a variety of sounds and instruments can be used during healing sessions, some of the most commonly used instruments for Sound Therapy are Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, gongs, chimes, bells, and the human voice.

Tuning Forks 

Used above the body, unweighted tuning forks sonically clear emotional "debris" in the human energy field, or biofield, and can facilitate the release of tension and promote self-healing. Weighted forks are for use on the body.

"Bathing" the biofield with the pure vibration of tuning forks helps to balance and harmonize. Unweighted tuning forks are used off the body, near the ears and in the biofield. On the body, weighted tuning forks are used on acupuncture and acupressure points. Their vibration creates sound waves that stimulate cells to release nitric oxide. This release help to relax blood vessels, increasing blood flow and oxygen, which can promote healing and can positively influence our overall health and well-being.

Animal Reiki

Animals respond very well to the gentle energy of Reiki therapy. Reiki is non-intrusive and is wonderful for relieving pain, stress, trauma, and anxiety in animals, while promoting healing and wellness.

Fearful or anxious animals benefit from calming Reiki energy. Animals are invited to receive as much or as little Reiki as they choose. For terminally ill pets, Reiki can bring relaxation, comfort, and peace to the end of life transition.


Reiki and Sound Therapy are wonderful complementary therapies that can be used in conjunction with traditional Western Medicine, and are not meant to diagnose nor to replace the care of your physician or mental health professional.

Sessions and Prices

1 hour full Reiki treatment


75 minute Reiki and Sound Therapy session


90 minute Reiki and Biofield Cleansing


30 minute Sound Therapy


30 minute Biofield Bath


Animal Reiki


Distance Reiki Sessions (by appointment)