Healing Harmony   

      Reiki and Sound Therapy       

Vibrational therapies to promote relaxation, balance, and harmony 

My Story

It all started in 1995.... 

How it began...

In February of 1995, a friend invited me to take a First Degree Reiki class with her. I had never heard of Reiki and knew nothing about it, but the class sounded interesting and I had free weekend, so I took the two-day class. Little did I know I would fall in love with this gentle healing energy and the wonderful, sometimes miraculous, way that it works! That year, I received both First Degree and Second Degree Reiki (also called Reiki 1 and Reiki 2). The following year, in 1996, I became a Reiki Master in the "Western" tradition. Several years ago, I studied Traditional Japanese Reiki and completed Shinpidin Reiki Level III. 


As a practitioner, I offer Reiki sessions, as well as sound therapy and biofield cleansing and balancing. As a teacher, I have taught Reiki classes from time to time over the years. It is  such a joy to watch students discover their "Reiki hands" and to see their practice develop. I enjoy teaching, although my first love is still working with clients as a Reiki practitioner.

Sound therapy and tuning fork therapy are wonderful complements to my Reiki practice. All are vibrational therapies that have been shown to promote healing, balance, and harmony in the whole body system by reducing stress and increasing well-being. 

Why Healing Harmony?

I have practiced Reiki since 1995 and have completed Master level training in "Western" Usui Reiki, as well as Shinpiden (Master) Level III training in Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki. I have also been certified in Sound Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation.

My wish is to provide a gentle, peaceful, healing environment for you to experience these vibrational therapies, and my intention is always that you receive whatever you need for your highest and greatest good.